Anti Cellulite Wraps Treatment

Currently, there are many ways and various procedures aimed at maintaining your beauty. One of the most popular procedures now is a wrap. Anti cellulite wraps are the newest salon treatment that includes a comprehensive skin care. Today wraps have become one of the most popular means to fight cellulite. As a source for wrapping, […]

Cellulite Laser Removal Treatment

Cellulite laser removal is the latest high-tech development in the fight against cellulite. Scientists have developed a laser technique based on the allocation of certain wavelengths of laser that can heat the fat, and destroy and remove it from the body. The meaning of procedures — impact of radio frequency energy on the affected cellulite […]

Mesothelioma Treatment Options – Chemotherapy, Surgery, Radiation Therapy & Clinical Trials

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is the treatment of mesothelioma cancer by the use of chemical substances. It is the use of cytotoxic drugs to build a standardized treatment regime. Essentially the drugs are strong forms of antibotics. Purposes of Chemotherapy Depending on the age, health and when the person was diagnoised with mesothelioma cancer, chemotherapy can help […]

Mesothelioma Diagnosis Techniques

Computed Tomography (CT) Scans If your x-ray image shows any abnormalities (such as fluid buildup causing the heart to grow bigger or any tumors in the chest, pelvis or abdomen), your doctor will ask to perform a Computed Tomography or CT scan on you. A CT scan is a radiographic process that blends multiple xray […]

Ultrasound Cellulite Treatment

Ultrasound has been used in physiotherapy for many years. Recently, ultrasound began to actively use in aesthetic medicine, because its impact turned out to be diverse and effective. The most widely usage ultrasound received in a combined cellulite treatment. Ultrasound cellulite treatment nowadays is the only way that will allow you to get rid of […]