Understanding Criminal Defense Law

Were you or someone you know recently arrested for a crime? Would you like to make your case in the court of law, but don’t even know how to proceed?

Understanding criminal defense law is simple in principal, yet quite complicated for those that are not use to dealing with it at a professional level. Consequently, there is a reason why it is rare for defendants to represent themselves in court. The information and stipulations you need to understand to successfully defend your case are just too great.

As a result, criminal defense lawyers are available to everyone and completely supported under the 6th Amendment of the United States Constitution.

The Sixth Amendment

The 6th Amendment is included in the original Bill of Rights and continues to serve as the basis for the court of law, today.

The 6th Amendment establishes the rights guaranteed during criminal prosecutions, including the right to a fair and speedy trial, the right to a public trial, and assistance of counsel and right to an impartial jury.

While all of these individual protections are important to a fair and balanced justice system, finding the right representation to work on your behalf can make or break your case. The law states that even if an individual cannot afford the right to counsel, he or she is to be assigned a public defender and/or have his or her bills paid for during the criminal trial proceeding.

Picking the Proper Counsel

Public defendants are quickly and easily assigned to defendants under the Sixth Amendment. Unfortunately, public ignorance, in addition to the increase in number of criminal cases each year, has hurt the justice system process by overwhelming public defenders with an unfair number of cases per year. It is why critics of the current justice system say that wealth can buy you freedom.

Las Vegas Criminal Defense Law

If you or someone you know has been arrested or convicted of a crime in the state of Nevada you are allowed the right to counsel under the 6th Amendment. Criminal defense services in Las Vegas are in demand due to the city’s crime rate and over-burdened public defenders. In fact, attorneys and public defenders in Las Vegas handle larger caseloads than the rest of the state.

If you’re looking for an attorney to handle your criminal case in the state of Nevada, you should consider hiring an attorney from Las Vegas. There are a number of reputable attorneys and legal service providers on hand that can help you in a prompt yet affordable manner.

Finding the Right Defense Team

It is important to find a lawyer that understands your case and is willing to go the extra yard for you. Yes, defense teams are overworked (public and private), but being convicted of a crime will affect everything from future employment to home and car loans. Don’t waste time with an attorney or law firm that is only interested in winning your case and getting in your wallet, instead work with someone who is truly passionate about protecting your rights.

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