Can Astrology Helps You To Find The Best Place To Live?

Everyone desires to know where is the best place for them to live. That ideal place where your lifetime works perfectly. But, what is really a “best” place just isn’t the exact same for all.

Astrology will help you will find places which can be good for you, but that doesn’t mean you will like them. For instance , two places which can be great for me astrologically include Easter Island and a place near the Arctic Circle named Cambridge Bay. I don’t like islands or snow, so I’m perhaps not planning to move to either location.

Some astrologers genuinely believe that the farther away from your birthplace you go, the more unlikely you are to follow along with the trail on which your spirit was set when first it stumbled on this plane of existence. In certain ways this is sensible, because wherever you move, you are going to need to make some form of compromise. No location is 100% perfect for anybody.

I lived for many years in Venice, California, a place that i loathe with every fibre of my being. I really could not wait to have out of that place. Finally, I moved up the coast to my hometown of Monterey, a place I really love and that is fairly close to my birthplace of San francisco. But, can it be perfect in Monterey? Close, although not quite.

Astrologically, Monterey will work for me because I don’t get one of many very negative aspects I had in Venice. But, geographically speaking, I moved to a place that has a very high cost of living with pitifully low wages. All things considered, nevertheless , it is the perfect place for me personally.

When I first attempted to decide where i should live, it was a time when I spent a good deal of annual lecturing throughout the United states of america as well as in other English-speaking countries. On various lecture circuits, I was able to visit all but four states, a few of which i visited on many different occasions.

relocation-astrologyI have relocated my chart at the least 100 times, searching for that ideal place. I zeroed a listing of fifteen cities that were promising astrologically. Out of those, I actually liked about nine. When the time came for me to narrow down my selections, astrology didn’t help. I had to actually consider carefully what my life could be like in those cities. Boy did that ever narrow the choices down fast! Now I was left with only three cities, certainly one of which was Monterey. When i stumbled on making the last decision, I picked the city where I actually knew people and had lived before. Monterey had changed a great deal, but it still felt like home.

Whenever you decide to relocate, you need to look at significantly more than just your relocated chart. You need to visit different places, read the jobs, the current weather, the housing, the schools, and so forth and, when you have a spouse and family, you and your spouse will need to agree with the community that’s advantageous to both you and your family.

Use astrology as a tool to help you narrow down your choices. Then, take some time to actually research the cities and make a few visits to each prospective “best place. ” When it’s time for you to move, you will make your final decision centered on facts and first-hand evaluation. And that’s how you determine the best location to live.

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